Sam Presti Proves His ‘Genius’ with the James Harden Trade

One of the unexpected joys of living in Southern California is that I’m constantly surrounded by people involved in sports. Everybody is located here, from coaches, athletes, players, trainers, to, well, you name it. For a sports nerd like me, living here is total nirvana; like giving a young musician an all-access pass to Coachella […]


Dwight Howard to the Lakers just made the entire NBA a lot more interesting

When the news first broke late Thursday night that Dwight Howard had been traded to the Lakers, my initial reaction was a simple “Wow.” I was neither mad nor sad, upset or disinterested. I was simply wowed. That’s right. Because after thinking about the possibility of Howard in purple and gold for two years and […]


The Idiot’s Guide to the 2012 NBA Draft

I’ll be the first to confess that if anything, I probably watch a little bit too much college basketball. While college football is the sport I write about the most, it was actually college hoops that was my first love. It wasn’t intentional, but instead the byproduct of who I am, and where I was […]


NBA Draft Lottery: No. 1 is a no-brainer. No. 2 should be too

Last year things weren’t nearly this easy. The morning after the NBA Draft lottery order was selected, we got the answer to the question “Who’s drafting No. 1?” but unfortunately had to follow it up with an entirely different question completely: “What the heck are the Cleveland Cavaliers going to do with the pick?” In […]


Miami’s newfound “toughness” could be the difference against the Celtics

Regardless of whom you listened to prior to Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals Monday night, all the experts pretty much had the same opinion on how things would go down. In essence, their “analysis” basically boiled down to this: “Yeah, the Celtics have no chance.” In Boston’s defense the overwhelming sentiment for the […]


Mad at Udonis Haslem for Monday night’s rough play? Don’t be

Admittedly, I wasn’t paying particularly close attention to the early stages of Tuesday night’s Pacers-Heat Game 5. It was one of those nights where stuff kept popping up; e-mails that needed to answered, phone calls, unexpected paternity suit paperwork. Ok, maybe not that last one. But we all have “those” nights, and for me, Tuesday […]


The U.S. Olympic team needs Anthony Davis

On late Thursday afternoon, a small, yet kinda big news nugget hit the wires, when USA basketball announced that they had officially extended two new invitations to try out for this summer’s Olympic team. The first, James Harden, should surprise no one (well, unless you’re surprised that USA basketball would consider letting someone who looks […]


Memo To Dwight Howard: Just Shut Up And Focus On Basketball. Please.

Incase you hadn’t heard, Dwight Howard is apparently ready to take his talents to Chicago. Or something. On Sunday, when asked about Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose, Howard told the Chicago Tribune: “If I could play with Derrick right now and God wanted that to happen, it will happen,” Howard said. “It has nothing to […]


NBA Draft 2011 Grades: 30 For 30 Teams

With the 2011 NBA Draft now in the books, it’s time to hand out 30 grades for all 30 teams. Starting with… Atlanta Hawks (B-) Second Round: Keith Benson I love this pick, if only because had Benson played at Duke, he would’ve gone in the Top 20. Instead he went to a small school, […]


Ten Thoughts On The 2011 NBA Draft

Simply put, this is the strangest NBA Draft I can ever remember. Coming off an epic NBA Finals a few weeks ago, with a lockout looming, and having less star power than the Oakland A’s batting order, this draft is drier than the chicken my sister cooked for dinner the other day. Honestly, why even […]


Make No Mistake, The Better Team Won: The Dallas Mavericks Are NBA Champions

Well NBA fans, the long national nightmare is over. You can all let out a big sigh of relief. That’s right, after spending the last 11 months watching and waiting, your prayers have been answered. There will be no parade down Biscayne Boulevard and no awkward dancing from Zydrunas Ilgauskas while Pat Riley smirks in […]


2011 NBA Finals: Answering All The Tough Questions

With the 2011 NBA Finals set to start tonight, let’s answer some of the pressing questions entering the series. What’s The Coolest Part Of These NBA Finals?: How about the simple fact that we’ve got the two best teams playing? Is that enough? It sounds stupid, but think about it: While the Finals are always […]


2011 NBA Playoffs: A Six-Pack of Thoughts

Just because I haven’t written about the NBA playoffs lately, doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching. Quite the opposite actually, as this has been as fun a postseason as I can ever remember. And like everything else, I’ve got plenty of opinions on what’s going on. Here are six, “big picture,” thoughts, in my NBA […]