15 Reasons It’s Still Ok to Hate Duke (FoxSports.com)

It’s amazing, as much as time has changed, and the years have gone on, one thing in college basketball remains consistent: Everybody hates Duke. North Carolina fans hate Duke. Kentucky fans hate Duke. UConn and Arizona….yup, they hate Duke too. Earlier this week, I wrote a story for FoxSports.com, on 15 Reasons It’s Still Ok […]

Aaron’s NCAA Tournament Picks

Like everyone else in America, I decided to share my bracket and tournament picks this morning. My Final Four is as follows: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Iowa State and Michigan State, with Kentucky beating Iowa State for the National Championship. Why did I make those picks? Click on my Facebook page for explanation. Also, my full bracket […]

Audio: Aaron previews the NCAA Tournament with BlatantHomerism.com

Aaron joined his old friend Allen Kenney’s at BlatantHomerism.com earlier this week to preview the Midwest and West regions of the NCAA Tournament. The two chatted about the committee’s performance this season, if anyone can beat Kentucky, and why Texas — yes, Texas — could make a surprising run in the Big Dance. Plus plenty on a wild, […]

Aaron’s appearance on Kentucky Women’s Talk Sports

On Saturday, Aaron appeared on Kentucky Women’s Talk Sports. He and host Maria Taustine discussed his article on the 2010 Kentucky Wildcats as well as this year’s team, and why colleges now, in 2015 have no choice but to recruit one-and-done guys if they want to compete for National Championships.

Aaron’s appearance on ESPN Radio in Lexington (Audio)

On Tuesday, the guys at ESPN Radio in Lexington were nice enough to have me on, to discuss my oral history of the 2009-2010 Kentucky Wildcats. We talked about the origins of the article, how the 2010 team compares to the 2015 team, and why John Calipari might be the last “honest” coach in college […]

An oral history of the 2009-2010 Kentucky Wildcats (for FoxSports.com)

Earlier today I mentioned that Aaron Torres Sports has undergone a bit of change: This site will no longer be a place for only original articles and information, but instead, it will also be a home for everything that I’m working on; articles, interviews, radio spots whatever. The first post here is on an article […]

Quick change on ATS

A quick note from Aaron: Lately, I’ve been getting asked the same question quite a bit: Aaron, where can I find all your work? You write for so many different outlets, at so many different times, on so many different subjects, that I never know where to look for all your stuff. For the longest […]

Can Kentucky be beaten? Here’s how you do it

An undefeated college basketball season has not been accomplished since 1976. The Indiana Hoosiers went 32-0 and is the last division I college basketball team to accomplish an undefeated season. The 2014-15 Kentucky Wildcats appear more than capable of challenging that feat. Kentucky notched its 26th win last Tuesday, en route to accomplishing the best […]