Another Jack in the Box Giveaway!

Over the years, Aaron Torres Sports has been blessed to partner with a lot of cool companies, but through it all, there are few I’ve enjoyed working with more than my friends at Jack in the Box. For starters, the food is phenomenal (just ask my waistline), but more importantly, it’s about the people at […]

Wichita State-Kentucky had impossible expectations…and surpassed them

Before we get to the obvious with Wichita State-Kentucky, before we break down one of the single most compelling tournament games of my lifetime, a match-up which required a cigarette, hot shower and trip to the cardiologist when it was all said and done, let’s first start with maybe the most underrated aspect of it […]

Discussing the Combine, College Hoops and More on WSCO Radio

Football may be over, but with college hoops, the combine and Olympics underway, it's still a busy time across sports. That’s why on Tuesday I stopped by with my old pal Justin Hull of WSCO radio in Wisconsin to discuss all the big storylines in the sport right now. For those who are regular readers […]

Want to Win A Free $40 Jack in the Box Gift Card? Here’s Your Chance Super Bowl Sunday is nearing, and you know what that means… No, I’m not talking about football, silly, but instead, the debut of a slew of spectacular new commercials. While there will be no shortage of good ones hitting your airwaves Sunday, the folks at Jack in the Box were nice enough to send […]


It Might Not Happen, But Les Miles to Texas Does Make Sense

(Photo Courtesy: USA Today) So by now, most of you probably know that I’m no longer a full-time sports writer (I instead write for a sports TV show). However, as they say “A leopard can’t change its spots” and quite often, I dip back into my past, and stay in touch with several people that […]

Aaron discusses all the big Week 8 story lines with WSCO Radio in Wisconsin

Incredibly we’re at Week 8 of the college football season, and as I do every Thursday, I joined my good friend Justin Hull on WSCO radio in Wisconsin to break down all the week’s biggest games. We covered a wide-ranging number of topics across college football, including the following: – Because the interview took place […]

Aaron Previews College Football’s Week 7 on Wisconsin Radio

Incredibly, we are now seven weeks into the college football season, and as I do every Thursday, I stopped by WSCO radio in Wisconsin to discuss the biggest storylines heading into the weekend. From college football betting in the Big Ten to wild uniform combinations we covered it all, including: A major matchup in the […]

Aaron talks Week 6 of the college football seaosn on Wisconsin radio

The college football season has passed the quarter poll, and with each game, the title picture starts to become a little clearer. That’s also why it was such a pleasure to join my buddy Justin Hull on his radio show Thursday afternoon, to discuss the biggest story lines heading into the weekend, and what lies […]


Lane Kiffin is gone, but the road back to the top won’t be easy for USC

(Photo Courtesy: USA Today Sports) Ok, let’s get two things out of the way, right away (ok, maybe it’s technically three). 1. By now, you’ve almost certainly heard that USC fired football coach Lane Kiffin early Sunday morning. Depending on who your “sources” are (yes, your “sources,” Random Message Board Guy 7,472) the firing either […]

Chatting college football’s Week 1 With Week 1 in the books and Week 2 fast-approaching, it is officially college football season. And all I can say to that is: It’s about damn time! Regardless, with another Saturday fast approaching, my good friend and Wisconsin radio host Justin Hull invited me on his show to put a bow on Week […]

A-Rod 8-1-2013

20 Things That Caught My Eye in Sports: August 12 Edition

(Photo Courtesy: USA Today Sports) For those of you surprised to see a new post here at Aaron Torres Sports, well, you’re not alone… I’m just as surprised to be writing right now as you are to read my work. Of course in my defense, it has been a pretty wild last few months helping […]


Aaron is heading over to Fox Sports 1

So as some of you may have or (more likely) may not have noticed, it’s been a tiny bit quiet here at Aaron Torres Sports the last couple weeks. Part of that is by design, and part of that is because I’ve had some pretty darn big things going on behind the scenes. And today, […]