Reasons Why Las Vegas Should Get A NASCAR Playoff Race

The NASCAR playoff races need to make their way to Las Vegas because the city is the place that will bring in the most people to have a good time. It is a really fun place to come because people can play around and do all that they want to do. They will like the way that it feels when they are playing around int he city and going to the race, and they will like this place because it helps them have the best experience. The experience is important because someone who really wants to have a good time at a NASCAR race should start thinking about what it means to travel there to see the playoffs.

The playoffs are more intense than other parts of the schedule, and they are are going to bring in more people. Someone who likes to watch the races will have a good time, and they will enjoy the race as part of the time that they spend in the city. The city is a lot of fun because it gives people a place to go when they are walking away from the race to hit the town. The fan can go back and forth between the track and the city, and they will have a whole calendar of things that they can do every day.

The things that people do when they come to Vegas to do will include betting, and they can go into the sportsbook to make sure they have laid some money on the race. hey have a lot of choices when they are going to come to the casino. The casino is going to give people the best time because they will be able to stay in there and have fun. The person that is going to have the most fun is doing a lot more than just gambling. They will shop and eat while they are in the city, and they will find a whole schedule that can include everyone in the family. That means that everyone in the family can show up to the race to have a good time, and even the kids will have something to do.

The family that is having the best time in the city will be able to take the kids to many different things that will be good for them, and they can even go to the zoo that is at the Mandalay. Kids are welcome in many parts of the city, and they are given the best things to do when they are just hanging out. Their parents can do their own thing, and the kids will still have a good time.

The race is great because the track is so nice. The track has enough seating for everyone, and it will give a good atmosphere that will make sure all the people that are there are still having fun. There is space for every person at the track, and there are modern concessions along with all the amenities that make the track so good to visit.

There are so many people who will be able to have a nice time at the race, and they can go to the luxury boxes if they want to have a nice time up there, too. These people will find out how easy it is to have a good time at a NASCAR race, and they will have a lot more fans who are interested in the sport. Having more fans helps everyone, and it is so important that people who are coming to races are addicted when they leave.

Las Vegas also has some nice things around it that people need to see. They can go into the desert, and they can see all these beautiful things that surround the city. These places are some of the nicest in the country, and they are good for people because they give them an experience that they will not have any other way. The best thing that people can do is to make sure that they are going to come to Las Vegas to see the race, and then they need to push NASCAR to move their playoff races there because there are so many reasons why they need to be in the city of sin every day.

The best races will be great in the city because of the track, and they will offer a lot of fun for people who have not had it before and want to see Las Vegas on their own.

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Raiders Secure Las Vegas financing From Bank of America


The Raiders have received a financial offer from the Bank of America to finance the Las Vegas 65,000 seats capacity stadium. The project is estimated to cost $1.9 billion, but the team had $500 million and a taxpayer input of $750 million offered to them by the state of Nevada.

The Raiders who currently operate from Oakland are optimistic that the plan to have the stadium running will go as planned and they will be able to start using it as from 2020. The commitment by Bank of America is a relief to the Raiders who had received several proposals and was in a mixed up on who to work with and under which conditions.

The pulling out of Adelson from the project was in Oakland’s favor even though he was actively involved in the running of the logistics in the initial steps. He helped the team secure the $750 million from Nevada, but it was later learned that he had a hidden agenda of having his hand deep in the ownership basket. Goldman Sachs was to fill the gap left by Adelson but withdrew his support just a day after Adelson’s. Roger Goodell spoke about the withdrawals when giving a speech at Super Bowl week, he said there is no need for a team ownership from a casino and the policies do not give it room.

Adelson said that his pulling out was triggered by the fact that he was sidelined in the leasing proposal of the Las Vegas stadium. The statement was received as not genuine and one acting as self-defense.

Raiders can now start planning how to relocate from Oakland now that the plan to have a stadium at Las Vegas is underway. However, they will need the approval of 24 of 32 owners to go ahead and relocate. Libby Schaaf, Oakland’s mayor, was not happy with the new development. He said in a statement that they had presented a plan, which they believed meet the needs of each party that was concerned with having a modern stadium in Oakland. Libby Schaaf the 55,000 seats stadium that was approximated to cost $1.3 billion was to be placed where Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is.

The NFL market is yet to make a determination about Las Vegas. The submission made by Raiders needs to be carefully considered by NFL. Financing the stadium is one of the key issues that NFL is taking seriously; they say it is the main aspect to be looked at keenly. The stadium that the Bank of America is financing is expected to sit on a portion of a 62-acre plot that is Russell Road and is neighboring a casino and resort making it one of the best strategically positioned facility. The Raiders will possibly use this new facility with UNLV.

The Raiders will have to stay in their current location for at least the next two seasons. Mark Davis the man who owns Raiders said that the project is expected to end in 2020. The other factor that will make Raider stay in Oakland for a while is the lease option that is still valid at Oakland Coliseum. The new development in Las Vegas will give fans opportunity to of watching Super Bowl in Bay Area. All the concerned parties do not fully welcome the plan, but the Raiders have to be sure that all the factors that are required for their smooth relocation are put in place.

Brian Sandoval’s office gave a statement saying that Raiders were to put in $1.15 billion and again accept the operating responsibilities. The statement was given out before the Bank of America came in to replace Goldman Sachs. The coming in of the Bank of America has brought joy to the Raiders who are now just going to invest $500 million. Adelson was also to invest $650 million; this is the amount he pledged; it would still be much less to do some work on the project. The amount was not subtantial to make an impact on the project.

Art Rooney II, owner Pittsburgh Steelers, said that the fear that many people had that Adelson would claim to apportion of Raiders would not have worked out according to the league policies and rules. He said that the rules and policies of the league do not allow a casino owner to own a franchise. Raiders can now work on their logistics as they wait for the proposals that they have submitted to the NFL to be approved and the approval of 24 of 32 owners to relocate.

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Nevada Sporting Betters Hit All Time High Hiring Escorts

Las Vegas escorts are extremely popular and mixed with sports betting there has been an all time high in the odds of an increased payout. Huge winnings mean a great time for a upscale model or young woman, looking for something special to do for the weekend. Escorting services is a great investment for someone that has an event or outing, looking for a companion for the evening. Men can quickly become the envy of all of their buddies for having a piece of eye candy on their arm. An older female business professionals can be the talk of the party with a young stud on her arm.

How Vegas Escort Services Mix With Sports Betting?

The adrenaline surrounded by betting is a great environment for a beautiful lady and an upscale professional. Imagine a gentlemen betting on his favorite team, they win, and he can enjoy drinks with a beautiful woman with no commitment. A inquisitive escort will keep your sharp while your placing your bet. Most Las Vegas escort services with a professional setting will provide their customers with a live feed of sport scores and highlights. Escorting caters to what men really want when their out for the evening.

Gambling is legal 24 hours a day and coupled with Las Vegas escorts you can make it a night to remember. If you’re hosting your friends for game night, escorting is always a great way to provide entertainment for the event. Take the pressure off of your little black book by hiring an escort. Experience a beautiful professional that will have the right attitude, look, and attire to accommodate your expressed desires. Betting involves money and is always a great complement for any escort. Hiring an escort and betting is a win, win situation.

It can be easy to spend a lot of money while your out betting with your buddies. A large sum of money can be tempting and easy to blow, but an escort can help you budget your money and manage where it’s going for the evening. Your goal will be to satisfy your escort and not splurge on a moment of vulnerability during your betting experience. If you like to mix betting and escorts, finding a betting establishment that is next to an escorting service is practical and convenient. Many betting locations have this feature, unnoticed by a lot of men because of their confidentiality and discretion.

Betting can be a discreet habit and the same goes for escorting which makes them extremely compatible. Get away from a stressful day at work by visiting the casino and betting on your favorite team with a friendly escort to accommodate you. Betting is a high energy activity that can benefit from a beautiful woman. Rich women that enjoy betting on their favorite team can get advice from their male escort and double their winnings. Best of all, you choose from any companion that they have available and determine the extent of the date.

Did you know you can bet discreetly online from home or hotel room and have an escort sent to you? That’s right, make it a private evening with you and your escort companion. Enjoy a quiet evening betting online along with great food and enjoy a intelligent woman or male for the evening with no commitment. Betting can be a tense activity and require someone that is passionate and can relate to sports. An escort has a full profile listed on high end websites that will give you specifications of their interests. Always look for a escort that you have something in common with to add a little security towards a successful encounter.

The growth of betting in the late 80’s Vegas has attracted escorts. The betting industry is a $200 million dollar industry in Vegas and attracts escorts because of the huge numbers associated with large sums of money and generous men. Vegas escort services are only legal in the Nevada area alongside plenty of places that offer betting 24 hours a day. Nevada receives 300,000+ tourist annually which is also attractive to escorts. Sports betting is a quick and easy way to make money and an escort is a discreet way to indulge in your winnings and continue the fun. Escorts set high prices that can accommodated by your recent payout. A huge payout could mean lots of fun for you and your escort companion. Discover the benefits of Las Vegas escorts today.

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E-sport Arena Set to Open in Las Vegas


E-sport has many followers that are compared to those of online gambling. Millennial E-sport is a Toronto-based company under the leadership of Alex Igelman. Igelman has full knowledge of Led Vegas; he worked there as a debt collector before starting e-sport business. It is this knowledge that prompted him to settle on Las Vegas as the best venue for video game tournaments.

The arena, which is in Las Vegas’ Neonopolis, has all the facilities that are needed for the tournament. Space is enough to accommodate roughly 1200 spectators fully. The winning team in the coming tournament will go home with $15,000, and they will get a direct ticket to participate in the finals of Halo World Championship that will take place in Burbank California.

Las Vegas Facilities

The facility in Neonopolis is just fantastic; the amenities that are needed for the tournament are already in place at the venue. The arena is partitioned into four parts with the VIP being the most prestigious one. The building has the latest technology in place with CAT cables ports, Audio system, modern theater lighting system, and a LED video wall. There is also a merchandise corner where fans can buy game related items that are tough to get.

The surrounding is rich in everything that you may need to make you comfortable. Hotels and entertainment places are just within reach.

Igelman considers Las Vegas home, and he is working on a plan to have a beehive of activities in the arena throughout the year. His dreams are possible bearing in mind that e-sport market is growing at a very high rate. Twitch streaming has made video gaming take a turn to work independently. Gamers can now do a live stream of their games and at the same time watch the competition of other players.

Millennial e-sport is a multi-million industry; its value is over $11 million going by Bloomberg data. One would wonder why the arena only accommodates small number. Many viewers have opted to view the games online as opposed to going into the arena.

The Real Value of E-sport

Brett Abarbanel, International Gaming Institute director, compares e-sport to online gambling considering the rate at which it is rising and gaining popularity. It is estimated that the market value of e-sport will read a billion plus by 2020.

Millennial E-sport is expected to release an app that will give players an excellent experience. They will be able to register for games on it and also to know what the schedule is.

Las Vegas is expected to record a high number of newcomers in the game; it has lots of fans who are in the target group of 19 to 25 years who actively participate in e-sport. The availability of the demands of the game as well as entertainments will keep players focused on the game. The Millennial E-sport market recorded high growth rate in Europe and Asia then started to expand in North America gradually.

One the major threat to the e-sport’s growth is betting. Betting may give way to scammers to cheat on innocent fans hence compromising the integrity of e-sport. Abarbanel, however, said that they are working so hard to ensure that nobody is robbed.

The Gaming Arena

Participants have every reason to enjoy the game and put their spirit high. The movie theater has a warm-up area with long tables. The stage has eight player stations equipped with all the necessary apparatus to make a player comfortable.

Igelman has a plan to make this facility available for video gaming or to other people who would want the use high-speed internet at an affordable rate. It is going to be a cool place to those who like YouTube and downloading of large files.

The experience in the theater is no less the same as watching NFL game or any other game. There are also heroes in e-sport, Tom Taylor is one of the players who starting e-sport professional gaming at 14 years and went up the ladder rapidly. Taylor won the Str8 and Halo World Championship in 2008. Taylor who is 29 years old retired in 2011.

Final Thought

You can expect the best in the coming tournaments; the preparations that are in place are enough to make you sit back and wait for the good things from Millennial E-sport in Las Vegas. The next big move is Halo World Championship finals that will be held in Burbank California where the participants will have the opportunity to get a portion of $1 million prize value.

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