Podcast: Former Tennessee Vol and current Carolina Panther Tauren Poole stops by the show

Of every college football player in recent memory, you could argue that none had a more tumultuous career for reasons outside his control, than former Tennessee Vol and recent Carolina Panthers signee Tauren Poole. From Phil Fulmer’s firing, to Lane Kiffin sneaking out the backdoor, straight through Derek Dooley’s orange pants, Poole saw it all, and late last week he joined me to discuss everything, including the NFL Draft process and much more.

Amongst the topics we discussed, included the following:

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– The early part of the NFL Draft process, including going to the East-West Shrine Game and the NFL Combine. Tauren also tells the story of the most inappropriate question he heard from an NFL player personnel representative, a question that will quite literally shock you.

– How Tauren handled the NFL Draft knowing that he might get undrafted, and why he actually barely watched the draft at all.

– The fast and furious nature from the free agent signing period that landed Tauren in Carolina. Why he chose the Panthers, and why a familiar face on the Panthers coaching staff should help make the transition easy for him.

– Why Tauren is so excited to play for the up-and-coming Carolina Panthers, and why admittedly, he’s excited to play with Cam Newton. Tauren also shares what it was like watching Cam tear through the SEC in his junior year, and why even as a fellow player, he became a “fan” of Cam.

– Tauren shares some insight on his time at Tennessee, and speaks on both Phil Fulmer’s firing and the departure of Lane Kiffin. How he handled each, and why- in the long run- it made him a better and tougher person.

– How disappointing his senior season was both from a personal and team front. More importantly, why Tauren believes that Tennessee is ready to put themselves back on the map nationally.

– And finally, Tauren weighs in with his thoughts on Derek Dooley’s orange pants. Does he approve or not approve, and why?

Plus, much, much more…

Look, admittedly I’m a little biased, but of every interview I’ve ever conducted on the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast, this is easily one of my favorites. Tauren is incredibly open, incredibly blunt and incredibly honest about sharing his experiences with us, and for that I am grateful. It truly is one of the more compelling interviews I’ve ever done.

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Regardless, I want to quickly thank Tauren again for joining the show, and thank you for taking the time to listen.

Until next time…

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