College Football Podcast: Week 4 Preview with Ty Hildenbrandt and Coley Harvey

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It’s Week 4 of the college football season, meaning its time for another edition of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast! This week a couple old friends join the show to talk about this weekend’s biggest games: Ty Hildenbrandt of the Solid Verbal chats about Notre Dame-Michigan and the Orlando Sentinel’s Coley Harvey gives the Florida State perspective on the Seminoles showdown with Clemson.

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There’s a lot to talk about, starting with Ty, who discussed the following:

– The evolution of the Solid Verbal, which now includes a weekend video show with co-host Dan Rubenstein. How’s it going? How’s it been different from the audio show? And what’s ahead for the two guys?

– Speaking of ‘how’s it going’ how is Ty holding up after the Irish’s first 3-0 start in a decade? Why Ty is high is on Brian Kelly as well as the development of new quarterback Everett Golson as well.

– Is there any way for the Irish to stop perpetual thorn-in-the-side Denard Robinson? He’s killed the Irish in the past, but in 2012 the defense is better. What can they do differently to have better success?

– Finally, why Ty does in fact think the Irish will win Saturday, and what he believes will be key for success.

Moving onto the Florida State-Clemson, the Orlando Sentinel’s Coley Harvey joined me as well this week, to discuss the following subjects:

– The parallels between the Clemson game this year and what happened in preparation for Oklahoma at this time in 2011. How are things the same? But at the same time, how is the team better prepared this year for what waits ahead?

– What did Florida State’s 52-0 win over Wake Forest mean last week? Are the Seminoles that good, or were the Demon Deacons that bad?

– It’s no secret that the strength of this team is Mark Stoops’ defense, so what will they have to do to have success against Clemson’s high-powered passing attack? Is this defense up for the challenge that it wasn’t last year, when the Tigers shredded them for almost 500 yards?

– On the other side of the ball, is the offense ready? The line seems to be blocking better and running backs Chris Thompson and James Wilder have picked up their games. But is E.J. Manuel ready?

– Finally Coley explains what the Seminoles have to do to get the win, and why he likes them to pull it off.

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