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Podcast: Former Nebraska All-American Ralph Brown II discusses the state of Cornhuskers football

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For a long time I’ve hoped to discuss the Nebraska Cornhuskers on the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast, and on Tuesday my wish finally came true, when former Cornhusker great Ralph Brown II stopped by the show.


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Ralph was an All-American at Nebraska, played in the NFL for nearly a decade and was in Lincoln in the Huskers heyday, culminating in a 1997 National Championship. He discussed all that and more, beginning with:

– As a California native, what was it about Nebraska that convinced him to move across country to play college football? More importantly, as a school that needs to recruit nationally to be successful, does Nebraska’s “name” still intrigue prospects outside the state like it once did?

– Staying on the same subject, will the current dynamics of college football allow Nebraska to be one of the elite programs in college football ever again? Furthermore, is it possible that the move to the Big Ten actually hurt Nebraska’s national image more than it helped it?

– Speaking of the Big Ten, Ralph shares his thoughts on the current state of the conference. He explains why he has been so impressed with Michigan and Ohio State, but also why schools like Northwestern have impressed him as well.

– Ralph next shares his thoughts on the current regime at Nebraska. Is Bo Pelini the right man to lead this program? And more importantly, has the program peaked under his watch?

Finally Ralph wraps up by discussing the 2013 Cornhuskers. He explains why Nebraska might have the best group of skill-position players in the Big Ten, why the defense should be improved, and why he believes they’ll win one more game in 2013 than they did in 2012.  

Folks, there is no one in the media who knows the Cornhuskers football program quite like Ralph Brown does. Simply put, if you’re looking for news and information about the Cornhuskers, this is the podcast for you.

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I want to thank Ralph once again for joining the show, and you all for listening in.

Until next time…

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