Venus Williams

Q&A: Venus Williams talks fitness, traveling and… her hair?

(Photo Courtesy: USA Today Sports) Now that we’re officially into the off-season of the two sports which are most near and dear to my heart (college football and college basketball specifically), it has allowed me to not only breathe a sigh of relief, but also to get out into the fresh air and enjoy a […]


Q&A: Tennessee Head Coach Cuonzo Martin

A few weeks back I had the great pleasure of interviewing current Tennessee head basketball coach Cuonzo Martin on my podcast. Well with college basketball approaching and the first games being played this coming Friday, I decided to go ahead and write out the interview as a long-form interview. I know some of you might […]


Q&A: Talking the Orioles Playoff Push with One of Their Biggest Fans

Say what you want about Major League Baseball’s new Wild Card format (and at this point, just about everything has been said), but at the very least, it’s made the push toward the postseason significantly more exciting than ever have been before. Regardless of which teams get the final two splayoff pots, in 2012 there […]


Q&A: Surf lesson and more with professional surfer Erica Hosseini

Over the course of an average week, I get a lot of e-mails, pitching me on a whole bunch of random stuff. Some sound legitimate, others are intriguing, and interestingly, a handful have even come from Saudi Arabian princes, promising me riches beyond my wildest dreams. Sadly, none of those have panned out so far. […]


Q&A: Paralympic track star Jerome Singleton discusses the 2012 London games, his internship with NASA and the “Thank You Mom” Campaign

While the Olympics stole all the attention this summer in London, it’s easy to forget that following the games, the Paralympics are also taking place. In the same way that the Olympics provide the world’s biggest stage for able-bodied athletes, the Paralympics do the same for disabled athletes as well. Regardless, the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies […]


Q&A: Adidas and the Olympics

Over the next couple days, you’re simply going to be inundated with all things Olympics. From cheesy TV features on athletes you’ve never heard of, to learning fun facts about London you couldn’t care less about, and seeing entirely too much of Bob Costas in HD, there really is nothing quite like the Olympics Games. […]


How It All Got Started: Q&A With ESPN Radio’s Freddie Coleman

A few months ago here at Aaron Torres Sports, I decided to start a new interview series called “How It All Started.” The premise was simple: With so many people in high school and college looking to get into the sports media field, and so few resources out there on how to do so, I […]


How It All Started: Q&A With Yahoo Sports National Columnist Dan Wetzel

Last week I started a new series here at Aaron Torres Sports called, “How It All Started” where I track down prominent sportswriters, bloggers and television personalities, and do a long-form question and answer, and essentially ask: “So, how did you get started.” As I mentioned last week, as I continue to have my own […]


How It All Started: Q&A With Best-Selling Author Jeff Pearlman

As I continue to gain traction in the sports writing world, one question that continually gets asked of me is, “Aaron, how did you get started in sports writing?” It seems like everyone wants to be a sports writer, reporter or TV personality, yet no one is entirely sure how to go about getting there […]