Aaron Picks An NHL Team: Part II

On Monday (and really in the three months leading up to Monday), I explained why I’ve decided to start following hockey again. Essentially, the timing is right, the mood is right, and now- after the Whalers broke my heart 15 years ago- it’s time to pick a new team to root for (To read Monday’s […]


The Gold Medal Hockey Game: USA-Canada Turns Into A Game For The Ages

A few summers ago, some buddies and I spent some time in Europe. France, Spain, Ireland, a few other places. We did it all. Ate the food. Drank the wine. Tried (some days more successfully than others) to woo foreign girls with cute accents back to our hostel. Stayed up too late and got up […]

Running Diary: 2009 NHL All-Star Game

With all the work I’ve doing to get this website up and running, I haven’t been able to do much, well, writing. It’s time for me to jump back into the game, but of course I picked arguably the worst weekend in sports- you know, the one before the Super Bowl- to do so. And […]