Debating the No. 1 Overall Fantasy Baseball Draft Pick

(When our friends over at asked me if they could do quick a guest post on the upcoming fantasy baseball season, it was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up. No one knows the sport of baseball and the fantasy implications of it all, quite like they do. Enjoy, and when you get a […]


Baltimore Orioles: Baseball’s best story, and most dangerous team

Although it seems like only yesterday, incredibly it was three long years when I made my first trip to the most underrated park in baseball, Camden Yards, to watch the Baltimore Orioles. For some of you long-time readers of this site you may even remember my write-up following the trip, and for those who don’t, […]


First trip to Dodgers Stadium is full of surprises

To quote the Dos Equis, Most Interesting Man In the World: “I don’t often write Major League Baseball Stadium reviews here at Aaron Torres Sports. But when I do… they almost always become legendary.” No seriously, it’s true. To this day I still get e-mails about my Idiot’s Guide to Camden Yards, mostly from people […]


Running Diary: The 2012 MLB Draft

So seriously, who would ever complain about having nothing to do on a Monday night? Me, that’s who. While most of you would love the downtime, love go see a movie with your wife, play with your kids, take one of your 11 cats to the vet, whatever, I’m not that kinda guy. For one, […]


Is Bryce Harper already the most interesting man in baseball?

It took all of one inning to realize what a giant mistake I’d made. Here it was, Sunday night, and after I’d spent the last week pimping Bryce Harper to my Twitter followers, telling them to watch him play any chance they got, here Harper was on national TV, and I was nowhere to be […]


Looking For An Answer To The Red Sox Collapse? Blame Theo.

Over the course of the summer, I’ve gotten a lot of grief from a lot of friends on one particular subject: I don’t write nearly enough about baseball. Understand it’s not that I don’t want to, just that as a columnist, I refuse to discuss subjects that I’m not totally comfortable writing about, and totally […]


Is Major League Baseball A Dying Sport?

On Wednesday, two things happened which shaped the column you’re about to read. They were both conversations, and both centered around baseball, a subject which seems to consume less of my time by the day. Let alone by the year. The first conversation happened when I co-hosted a radio show with my buddy


Ten Ways To Improve The MLB All-Star Festivities

Simply put, there’s no easier punch line in sports right now than Major League Baseball. Whether it’s their stubborn stance on instant replay, their archaic refusal to post videos on YouTube, or Frank McCourt cracking open his piggybank to try to make this month’s payroll, the hits just keep on coming. You make fun of […]

The Essence Of Spring Training

Only someone like me would work on vacation. Well, I guess” work” is a relative term, especially when you write about sports for a living, and more importantly, when your vacation includes heading out to Arizona to lay in the sun, watch some spring training baseball, and spend your time- in general- just abusing your […]


2010 MLB Playoffs: 10 Ways To Spice Up Baseball’s Postseason

Admit it, you’re enjoying these baseball playoffs. The excitement. The do-or-die nature of every game. Brian Wilson’s epic beard-mohawk combo that makes him look like a guy begging for change outside McDonald’s. The– Wait, what’s that? You’re not enjoying these playoffs? Really? Maybe I’m the only one. It’s true. Despite everything that’s happened so far- […]


Roy Halladay’s No-Hitter: A Night We’ll Never Forget

These past few weeks have probably been pretty tough for baseball fans. Truthfully, I wouldn’t know. I really haven’t been around. It’s not that I don’t love baseball, because I do. I grew up around it, and in one of those houses where there was always a game on in the background. To this day, […]