Food Review: SnöBar Alcohol-Infused Ice Cream

Of every Facebook post I have ever written, I can honestly say I’ve never gotten a bigger response than one from last week, when I shared a picture of a new, alcohol-infused ice cream I had just tried called SnoBar. I didn’t get a bigger response my last birthday. I didn’t get a bigger response when I wrote my first book. Heck, I didn’t even get a bigger response for any of my three failed engagements either.

Ok, so I was kidding on the last one, but dead serious about everything else. Simply put, people were fascinated by the concept of alcohol-infused ice cream. Like you’re probably thinking right now (and like myself before I went into the office), most everyone who saw my post seemed to wonder two simple things: “How did I not know about this, and where can I get some?”

Well, the reason you probably didn’t know about SnoBar is because it only recently hit the market, and is still harder to find than a Honus Wager rookie card. As things stand, SnoBar debuted in Phoenix in May and Las Vegas earlier this summer, with Miami up next, and Los Angeles shortly after that. As for every other city in the continental United States and beyond, well, it’s a wait and see approach.

(The reason for that is two-fold.  In practical terms, the company doesn’t want to expand too quickly, and frankly, it’s hard to blame them for that. The second one though, is more out of their control. As I learned by speaking to one of their reps, whenever any product has alcohol in it, there’s a whole crap ton of bureaucracy that a company has to jump through before it can get on the shelves.)

But I guess what I would say is folks, please be patient. Like that red bicycle you were forced to wait until Christmas morning to unwrap, SnoBar ice cream will be worth the wait. I mean honestly, have I ever steered you wrong before? Good, that’s what I thought.

Now, enough of the fluff, and let’s get to the particulars of the ice cream. Right now, I’m guessing you’re wondering two things about the stuff: What flavors are there? And will it, you know, actually get me drunk?

To answer the second question first, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Every serving of SnoBar ice cream and popsicles have the equivalent of one full cocktail of alcohol in it. Therefore, if you’re getting a margarita or cosmo popsicle (the only two choices on the popsicle market, right now), then what you’re actually getting is the equivalent of an actual margarita or cosmo, stuffed into the size of a frozen popsicle. All the same ingredients, all the same alcohol content, all the same headache if you have too many, too quickly. And believe me when I say, that headache ain’t coming from brain freeze either.

As for the ice creams, right now SnoBar has three distinct flavors, and eventually, there will be more (Like I said, the folks at SnoBar take the whole, “let’s not expand too fast thing” quite seriously). My personal favorite flavor was probably the “Grasshopper,” a flavor very similar to mint chocolate chip, you know, if mint chocolate chip had a little crème de menthe in it. The two other flavors (both of which I enjoyed quite a bit) were a strawberry flavored Pink Squirrel (which has almond liqueur and crème cacao) and “Brandy Alexander” which is infused with brandy and crème de cacao.

And I kid you not when I say I went back for seconds and thirds of each. They taste like real, good, smooth, sweet ice cream, and both the good news and bad news is that you can barely taste the alcohol. The good news is obvious, and the bad news is of course, that if you have too much, somebody might have to take your keys away and call a cab. As the old saying goes, “Please drink responsibly.” Or in this case, I guess it’d be “eat.”

Really though, maybe the thing that I enjoyed learning the most about SnoBar was the technology behind it.

Yes, technology. There is an actual science to all this.

Like you, when I first went to try SnoBar, my initial reaction was, “Wait, nobody has tried to combine alcohol and ice cream before?” To quote Forrest Gump, it seems like they “go together like peas and carrots?” No?

The answer is that yes, people have tried to combine the two together. Sort of…

I mean, yes, other people have tried mixing alcohol and ice cream together. It also doesn’t take Bill Nye the Science Guy to figure out that any combination that isn’t carefully planned is going to melt quickly, and ruin any grand ideas of the chef who created it. Others have tried freezing ice cream with alcohol together, but unfortunately, what ends up happening is that the alcohol settles at the bottom, and you’re left with an uneven balance, and uneven bites of alcohol. Some are too strong, others, not nearly strong enough.

SnoBar though is the perfect balance between ice cream and alcohol, taste and quality. It’s enough to definitely give you a little bit of a buzz if you eat it too fast, but not enough where you feel like you’re taking shot after shot.

Point being, is that if you’re in Vegas or Phoenix any time soon this is the perfect treat to spoil yourself with on a hot vacation day.

And if you’re not, well be patient: SnoBar is coming to a grocery store near you soon.

As I said, you will not be disappointed.

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