Betting On March Madness

With the Final Four this weekend, Aaron Torres Sports was sent some betting tips by Julia Maxwell of Casino Top Lists to help you with your Saturday wagers. Enjoy!

Most NBA fans also get a kick out of March Madness each year and for good reason, as the non-stop action of the NCAA basketball tournament leading up to crowning a national champ makes for some of the best basketball action each year. It’s not only great television but big business as well for sportsbooks and casino online sites, with an estimated $3-$4 billion wagered around the world every year on March Madness. From casual office pools to high-stakes fantasy basketball contests you’ll find something that fits the bill if you’re looking to place a bet on this year’s March Madness.

The Super Bowl and March Madness are two of the top events each year for sportsbooks as far as profits and overall money wagered, with only the World Cup (held every four years) having a bigger impact and pulling in more money. The long duration of March Madness — stretching out over nearly two weeks — gives gamblers plenty of betting options and the unpredictable nature of upsets can lead to some very big payouts for savvy bettors, with more and more parity making it difficult to predict many games.

More and more wagering on March Madness is moving online, with gambling sites not just offering the chance to bet on sports but also to play poker and popular casino games like blackjack, roulette, and video poker. Betting online is a quick and convenient way to place a wager and you’ll have access to hundreds of different wagers, including some of the best lines around that you’ll only find at online sportsbooks. Since they don’t have the same overhead as a brick-and-mortar casino they can often pass the savings on to customers in the form of better betting lines.

Many online sportsbooks also offer cash bonuses to new players just for signing up and making their first deposit, which can double or even triple your starting bankroll. Make sure you pay attention to any terms and conditions when accepting a bonus but they can often be great deals for sportsbetting on March Madness and other events, giving you more cash to work with to ride out the inevitable bad breaks and good fortune you’ll find in your online betting career.

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