AaronTorres-Sports.com…There’s An App For That!

One of the many great features about being part of the Bloguin network, is that the folks who are in charge here, are always on the cutting edge of technology.

With that, Bloguin recently struck a deal with Notice Software allowing all the sites, to have access to iPhone and Android Apps.

Well, the AaronTorres-Sports App was officially launched TODAY, and now you can download it, simply by going to www.aarontorres-sports.com/apps or visiting the Apple Store online.

By downloading one of these apps you’ll be able to:

– be notified of new content updates
– read and search through all articles
– see relevant content across the network
– and in a future release have the ability to read and leave comments

Make sure to get yours today!

About Aaron Torres

Aaron Torres works for Fox Sports, and was previously a best-selling author of the book 'The Unlikeliest Champion.' He currently uses Aaron Torres Sports to occasionally weigh-in on the biggest stories from around sports. He has previously done work for such outlets as Sports Illustrated, SB Nation and Slam Magazine.