Announcement: Aaron Torres will be releasing a “Best Of” E-Book in December!!

Alright folks, so a few hours ago I mentioned that I had a pretty big announcement to make, and since I’m a nice guy and don’t feel like wasting anyone’s time this morning, here goes:

In early December I will be releasing my first ever eBook! It’s tentatively titled “Aaron Torres Presents the Year in Sports 2012” and is a compilation of my best columns and articles from the 2012 calendar year from this website and beyond. Lots of writers of have done similar stuff before (usually in the traditional publishing industry) and I decided to take a stab at it this winter.

There are a couple reasons why.

For one, over the course of the last year, I’ve written… a lot. I’ve written on everything from Alabama’s BCS National Championship, to an emerging Kentucky hoops to dynasty, to the most annoying fans in sports Part’s I and II. Not to mention stuff on Bryce Harper, Anthony Davis and the passing of a man’s best friend. At the end of the day, writing is who I am. It’s what I do every single day of my life, along with eating, sleeping and making bad Charlie Weis jokes.

But at the same time, it’s hard for anyone to keep track of it all, even me. Trust me, I understand that you all have jobs and families and different obligations that take you away from the computer and from the outside world around you. After all, just because I’m a loner who barely leaves his computer doesn’t mean you’re the same, right?

Either way, this eBook is the chance for me to aggregate everything I’ve done, and put it all in one place. This isn’t like Twitter where an article can get lost in the shuffle, and isn’t even like my website where the articles are mixed in with podcasts, interviews and random announcements. This is all my best writing, all in one place, categorized by date and sport to make it easy for you to consume. And for the record, this eBook does consist only of my best writing. You wouldn’t believe how much quality stuff didn’t make cut.

And in addition to the writing, I’ve also gone ahead and added a little update blurb on each article in the book. Heck, half the fun in these articles isn’t the content themselves, but more so how much stuff has changed since then. Like how Bobby Petrino has gone from villain to hero since the day he was fired, or how quickly everyone was ready to re-write history after Kentucky won the National Championship. The point is, a lot has happened in sports in 2012, and I tried to capture it all. Not just in the moment it happened, but also the ramifications since.

As for the specifics of the eBook, the goal is to have it out the first week of December, tentatively on Wednesday, December 5. Hopefully by then you’ll have some of your Christmas shopping done, and will know whether you can fit the small price of the eBook into your budget. Right now, the book will be tentatively priced somewhere between $5 and $7, and it’s my hope that the book is affordable for everyone.

Also, I should probably mention that while it’s to the disappointment of some, the book will only be available digitally. Believe me, I understand that all of you don’t have e-readers, and believe me when I say I’msympathetic to that. I really am. At the same time, I am footing the bill for this book completely out of pocket, and the cost of printing was simply too much to make this into a standard book. I hope you understand, but also hope that if you do have an e-reader, you’ll consider making the purchase. The book will be available on all Kindle platforms, and I’m currently trying to get things figured out with iTunes as well.

Otherwise, that’s all I’ve really got to say. Well, other than to give you a thank you, of course.

Please understand it’s you guys who have inspired me to write this book and convinced me that it will be a success. You guys not only read not my stuff, not only comment on it and critique and criticize me, but also are amongst the most supportive group of readers I could ever ask for. I can’t tell you how humbling it is to hear just once, “Hey man, I really enjoy your work.” It makes all the hard work worth it every time.

It’s also why I know this book will be a success. I wouldn’t have put it together if it wasn’t something that I thought you all would enjoy and respond to.

Either way, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@Aaron_Torres) or by e-mail at, and also subscribe to my e-newsletter for updates on the book as well (just type in your e-mail to the box on the right-hand side of this site). Also, I will be providing updates here at Aaron Torres Sports as well right up until the book is published.

Once again, I want to thank you for all the support.

And if we don’t speak between now and then, well, Happy Thanksgiving.


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Aaron Torres works for Fox Sports, and was previously a best-selling author of the book 'The Unlikeliest Champion.' He currently uses Aaron Torres Sports to occasionally weigh-in on the biggest stories from around sports. He has previously done work for such outlets as Sports Illustrated, SB Nation and Slam Magazine.