Quick change on ATS

A quick note from Aaron: Lately, I’ve been getting asked the same question quite a bit: Aaron, where can I find all your work? You write for so many different outlets, at so many different times, on so many different subjects, that I never know where to look for all your stuff. For the longest […]

Jack in the Box is back….with awesome prizes and giveaways!

Through the years, Aaron Torres Sports has been fortunate enough to partner with a number of cool companies…but few have treated us better than the folks at Jack in the Box. As you remember, we worked with our friends at Jack back around Super Bowl season, and again earlier this year in May, when the […]

Jason and Devin McCourty want you to help tackle Sickle Cell

It’s no secret that the last few weeks have been tough for the NFL. But while everyone continually gets caught in the negativity surrounding the league, it’s also important to remember that a lot of its players and coaches are not only doing good things, but changing lives as well.

A-Rod 8-1-2013

20 Things That Caught My Eye in Sports: August 12 Edition

(Photo Courtesy: USA Today Sports) For those of you surprised to see a new post here at Aaron Torres Sports, well, you’re not alone… I’m just as surprised to be writing right now as you are to read my work. Of course in my defense, it has been a pretty wild last few months helping […]


Captain Morgan Giveaway Winners Announced!

As you may remember, in recent weeks Aaron Torres Sports took part in a giveaway with the famed rum distributor Captain Morgan. As you may also remember, when I announced the giveaway, I also made grand promises to those who participated, promises which included some awesome prizes like iPad mini's, Kindle Fire's and Beats by […]


Repost: A Tribute to One of My Biggest Inspirations

(Photo Courtesy: Aaron Torres) (*** Aaron’s Note: This article was originally posted at Aaron Torres Sports on May 28, 2010. However, in honor of my grandmother turning 97 today, and still going strong, I decided to repost it. Forgive me for the dated “Celtics-Magic" reference and please forgive me for the terrible writing. Hopefully I've […]


Design by Humans changing the t-shirt game

As you’ve probably noticed by now, Aaron Torres Sports is in fact a sports website, however if there’s one thing you need to know about Aaron Torres personally, it’s that I like educating myself about stuff outside of realm of bats and balls as well. Part of it is of course that whole “knowledge is […]


Guest Post: Finding the right golf equipment for you

(Photo Courtesy: USA Today Sports) A few weeks ago, the good folks at My Golf Locker shared a fun post with Aaron Torres Sports, about ‘Classic Masters Moments.’ It was a huge hit, and when my friends over at GolfPoser could do their own post, I quickly obliged. Here is their take on golf equipment […]

Want to win an iPad mini, Beats By Dre Headphones, a Kindle Fire and More: The Captain Morgan giveaway has begun Hello everyone!! So as you probably remember, last week I made an announcement about a really cool giveaway that I’d be running with Captain Morgan. In it, I’m going to give you a chance to win free prizes, including Captain Morgan gear, and potentially, if you and I can work together, some REALLY COOL […]

Aaron Torres Partnering with Captain Morgan for Fun Giveaway, Cool Prizes So, quick question: How many of you enjoy consuming alcohol? Given that I’ve hung out with many of you and correspond with many others, the answer is undoubtedly “pretty much everyone who reads this site.” That is also reason No. 2,189 why I love you guys, by the way. Regardless, it’s because of our […]


Aaron Torres Sports Tournament Challenge Winners Announced!

With the NCAA Tournament now in the books, it’s time to announce the winners of the Aaron Torres Sports Tourney Challenge! Before we get to the winners, I just want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to fill out a bracket and enter the tournament challenge. As always, it […]

Podcast: Breaking down the opening day of the NCAA Tournament Well, the opening day of the 2013 NCAA Tournament is officially in the books, and like I did during Championship Week, I decided to commemorate it all with an audio/video podcast recapping all the action. For those of you who aren’t so tech savvy (and believe me, I’m with you), you can either listen […]