College Football Podcast: CBS Sports’ Tracy Wolfson discusses all the major SEC story lines

Of everyone in college football, few know the coaches, players and teams in the SEC as well as CBS Sports sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson. She’s been on the beat for eight years, and been at the forefront of some of the most exciting teams and story lines in college football over that stretch.

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Well on Thursday Tracy was nice enough to stop by the podcast, to talk about the entire league, as well as Saturday’s showdown between South Carolina and Florida which she’ll be attending.

Tracy shared some truly insightful thoughts on the following subjects:

- It’s another season in the SEC, but just like every year, the story lines have changed. Entering the year we again expected the West to be the best, but it appears as though the balance of power has shifted back East heading into this week’s South Carolina-Florida game. Is Tracy surprised at all by this development?

- Speaking of South Carolina-Florida, Tracy says that above all, there is one person who Will Muschamp credits with the difference between his club this year and the disappointing 8-5 team from last year. Tracy also discusses an attitude change in Gainesville, not only with the players, but with Muschamp himself.

- Moving over to the West, is Tracy surprised at just how well Alabama has played this year? Also, she shares insight on Nick Saban’s unique motivational tactics, ones which have his team playing the best football of anyone in the nation right now.


- Staying in the West, Tracy expands her thoughts on Les Miles. Yes, he may be different from Nick Saban, but his teams’ always seem to be focused and ready for the biggest games. Why doesn’t he get more credit for being a better motivator and coach?


- Finally, Tracy wraps up by sharing her thoughts on the most underrated SEC city, the town with the best food and why Death Valley at night is still the loudest in the entire conference.

Folks, if you love SEC football, there is no single person who you want to listen speak on the conference other than Tracy Wolfson. No one knows this team, the coaches and programs better than she does, meaning that this is an interview you just don’t want to miss.

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Regardless, I want to quickly Tracy for joining the show, and thank you for taking the time to listen.

Until next time…

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