Famed NBA Trainer Tim Grover discusses working with Kobe, MJ and his new book ‘Relentless’

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Although you may not be familiar with his name, there isn’t anyone as well-respected in NBA circles than Tim Grover. The famed NBA trainer has been working with, and getting results from some of the league’s best, including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade since starting his career over 20 years ago.

Well late last week, I was fortunate enough to welcome Grover onto the Aaron Torres Sports podcast, where we discussed his work with the NBA’s elite, what separates them from everyone else, and his new book “Relentless: From Good, to Great, to Unstoppable.”

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Here are some of the topics we’ve discussed:

– Grover isn’t just a personal who preaches the “Relentless” mindset, but someone who practices it as well. He opens the podcast by chatting about his personal drive as a young trainer hoping to work with one of the Chicago Bulls, and about how it was that drive which led him to Michael Jordan.

– Grover dives into his book, by sharing with listeners the definition of what he terms “a cleaner.” Grover explains that a Cleaner is the best of the best, and shares what separates a Cleaner from the rest of the competition. He also explains why you don’t need to be a basketball player or athlete to reach “Cleaner” status.

– Later, Grover also shares Cleaner characteristics that have gotten Kobe, MJ and others to the top. With those guys it isn’t worrying about money or endorsements, but instead focusing on being the best basketball player they can be, and letting everything else fall in place from there.

Finally, Grover wraps up by talking about the mental side of sport, the approach which forces the Cleaner to never look back and only forward, as well as how he plans on evolving his career as well.

Folks, if you want some truly great insight into your favorite NBA stars and what makes them who they are and successful in ways most people could never imagine, well, this is an interview you don’t want to miss. Few have known as many big names in the sport and worked with them on a more personal basis, as Grover has, and on this podcast, he shares what separates them from everyone else and how to become truly great yourself.

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