The Great Debate: Clausen vs. Bradford and Other NFL Draft Chatter with Allen Kenney

On Monday, Oklahoma football expert Allen Kenney of, stopped by to engage in a lively debate with Aaron on the 2010 NFL Draft. The conversation initially started with Allen making the case for Sam Bradford as the No. 1 overall pick, and Aaron making the same argument for Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen.

Amongst the many topics discussed regarding the two top quarterbacks were…

– The intangibles that separate Bradford not only from Clausen, but everyone else in this draft
– Whether Bradford’s shoulder injury should concern Rams fans
– Whether Clausen’s pedigree as the “LeBron James of Football,” will help him handle the NFL pressures
– If Clausen simply won enough games in college to prove himself worthy of a No. 1 overall pick

The conversation then turned to the remainder of the draft, where Allen and Aaron discussed additional subjects such as…

– Why NFL scouts are so crazy about Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy
– Should Ndamukong Suh should be the No. 1 overall pick over even Bradford
– Whether Colt McCoy will ever be anything more than a career backup
– Why no one can seem to make a reasonable assessment of Tim Tebow

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