Podcast: Jim Calhoun Retirement Extravaganza with Kevin Duffy and Rob Dauster

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While my main focus here at Aaron Torres Sports is almost always on college football in September, it only seemed appropriate that with Jim Calhoun announcing his retirement from UConn today, that I take a break from the pigskin, hit the hardwood and call two of my favorite college hoops writers for discussion.

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Those two men are UConn beat writer Kevin Duffy of the Connecticut Post, who stopped by to give the local reaction, and CollegeBasketballTalk’s Rob Dauster to touch on the national scene.

Each brought their own unique perspective, starting with Kevin who discussed the following topics with me:

– With Calhoun hinting at retirement for so many years now, at what point in recent days did Kevin actually think that Calhoun was going to walk away? Also, had Calhoun not broken his hip in recent weeks, would he still be the coach?

– What should UConn fans expect of Kevin Ollie? Ex-players, current players and the fellow staff love him, but is he ready for such a demanding job. Also, why Kevin (Duffy) thinks Ollie is ready.

– Has the national coverage of Calhoun’s retirement been fair? Also, do people outside the state really appreciate just how good of a coach Calhoun was?

– Finally, what becomes of UConn now? Can they remain an elite team? And why Kevin believes that at the very least, the Huskies will “remain in the discussion” nationally.

Next up on the phone, Rob Dauster of stopped by to give the national take on the Calhoun news. Dauster covers all of college basketball, but is also a Connecticut native, giving him a unique vantage point. He discussed the following topics:

– Why like Kevin, Rob believes that Calhoun’s health was the key factor in deciding to step down. Also, why Rob doesn’t think that looming NCAA sanctions played a role in Calhoun’s decision to step down.

– What exactly Calhoun meant to the state of Connecticut, and a certain generation of fans as a whole, and why unless you’re from Connecticut you can’t fully appreciate that.

– Why Rob hopes that Calhoun’s legacy will be for all the players he was able to help develop and send to the NBA, rather than just what has happened with the program the last few years.

And finally, why Rob isn’t as optimistic as some (including myself and Kevin) about the future of the program without Calhoun.

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Regardless, I want to quickly thank the guys for joining the show, and thank you for taking the time to listen.

Until next time…

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