Podcast: Former College and NBA Star Chris Herren Talks About His New Book “Basketball Junkie”

One of the great things about doing this podcast, is the ability to not only talk sports, but also share unique and interesting stories too. Well that was certainly the case Tuesday when I welcomed former college and NBA superstar Chris Herren to the podcast, to discuss his new book “Basketball Junkie,” which he co-wrote with Bill Reynolds.

The book was released just a few weeks ago, and chronicles Chris’ rise as a basketball superstar, McDonald’s All-American and second round NBA draft pick; who also played a significant amount of his basketball under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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Chris has been open and honest about everything in his past both in the book, and now the podcast. With Aaron, he discussed the following topics:

- Why this book, why now and why with Bill Reynolds.

- If there was ever a question of omitting some of the gory details of addiction;

- How his substance abuse started innocently enough with a few beers on the weekend in high school, and how he was hardly the biggest partier out of his group of friends;

- Why his move from high school to Boston College was where the problem spun way out of control…

- Why even NBA paychecks and the birth of his children couldn’t stop him from using.

- Chris’ road to recovery, and how a comment about his children is what ultimately allowed him to hit rock-bottom.

- His work with “Chris Herren’s Hoop Dreams,” as a teacher and mentor for young children.- Why it’s the kids who won’t play college or professional basketball which are most important to him.

- Why “Basketball Junkie,” has a little something for everyone.

And much more.

You guys know I wouldn’t lie to you, so believe me when I say that “Basketball Junkie,” is one of the best books I’ve read in some time, and something that should be required reading for every middle school kid. It brings to light a serious subject that few want to address, and does it in an honest and real way.

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Thanks again, and enjoy the podcast!

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