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NFL Draft Podcast: Former UCLA Running Back discusses his college career, the draft and his brief stint as a reality TV star

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With the Final Four behind us, it’s now time to turn our attention back to football and ahead to the NFL Draft, which incredibly is now just a few short weeks away. And when it comes to the draft, few players are moving up team’s Big Boards more quickly than former UCLA running back Johnathan Franklin, who was nice enough to join the Aaron Torres Sports podcast earlier this week.

Johnathan had a decorated career at UCLA, and on Wednesday he stopped by to discuss a number of topics, including his time at Westwood, what it was like to play for Jim Mora, and a brief career as a reality TV star.

Here’s what we chatted about:

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– How a pact amongst high school friends brought Johnathan to UCLA in the first place, and why he came to the school to try and win big there like the Bruins had never won before.  

– His early years at UCLA, which started with an upset victory over Tennessee, but was then followed by so many losses afterward. How did the losses change Johnathan, and how much more enjoyable was his senior season, when the Bruins won nine games, and the Pac-12 South title.  

– Johnathan also discusses the transition into the Jim Mora era, and how things changed with Mora’s arrival. Also, with Mora in place, how bright is the future for the Bruins football program?

– Johnathan expands on what his last couple months of NFL Draft prep have been like. Did playing in the Senior Bowl help him grow as a football player, and most importantly, when he got to the NFL Combine, what kind of weird questions were asked of him by NFL personnel?

– Finally, Johnathan discusses his brief career as a reality TV star in high school (yes, that happened), and wraps up by letting fans know what to expect if their team drafts him.

Folks, I’m going to be blunt: In all my years interviewing college and professional athletes, I have never come across one as intelligent, introspective and unique as Johnathan Franklin. It was a pleasure to interview him, and regardless of whether you’re a UCLA fan or if your NFL team is considering drafting the Bruins running back, this is a podcast you’re going to want to listen to.

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