College Football Podcast: Week 2 Review and Preview, with Darrell Owenby of

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For the rest of the college football season, every Tuesday morning, Aaron will be posting his “Review and Preview” podcast, breaking down all the big stories from the previous weekend in college football, and all the important one’s heading into the following weekend.

For the first edition of this series, Aaron was joined by Darrell Owenby of Darrell is one of the most knowledgable and opinionated writers out there, and he stopped by to talk with Aaron for a two part (because of technical difficulties) podcast in which they share their opinions on…

Part I:

– Why Alabama is hands down the best team in the country, and scaring the life out of everyone else in college football
– Why South Carolina has firmly established themselves as the team to beat in the SEC East
– How and why Ohio State’s Saturday win over Miami was so impressive

Part II:

– If Oregon’s win over Tennessee makes them a National Championship contender
– Why this weekend’s game Arkansas-Georgia game might be the most important of Mark Richt’s time in Athens
– Why people shouldn’t be surprised to see Tennessee surprise Florida

For anyone looking for the best all encompassing college football podcast online, this is the only to listen to. Join Aaron as he welcomes Darrell, and get your college football fix today!

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