College Football Podcast: The Orlando Sentinel’s Coley Harvey discusses the 2012 Florida State Seminoles

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After a short hiatus, the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast is back and with one of our favorite guests: The Orlando Sentinel’s Coley Harvey!

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Coley covers one of the most polarizing teams in college football entering 2012, the Florida State Seminoles, and on Tuesday he stopped by to discuss everything about the ACC favorites, from their disappointing 2011 campaign to the excitement around 2012 and much more.

Amongst the topics we discussed included the following:

– After entering the 2011 season with high expectations, for the most part, Florida State disappointed. How much of that had to do with injuries, bad luck, and how much had to do with the team just not being prepared for the pressure which faced them week in and week out.

– Staying with the 2011 season, how much did the early Oklahoma game impact the Seminoles? It seemed like following the loss the team never really recovered physically or mentally, losing the next two games that were to follow. Is that a fair assessment?

– Entering 2012 how has quarterback E.J. Manuel evolved from 2011? Also, how did working with famed quarterback guru George Whitfield help his focus and preparation as we head into this season.

– Simply put, will FSU’s offensive line be better? Injuries and inexperience decimated this team, but they did come on strong in bowl season. More importantly, if the offensive line improves, does that mean that Florida State will finally have a running game to speak of?

– How does the dismissal of superstar cornerback Greg Reid impact the defense? More importantly, how does it impact special teams, where Reid may have actually been more valuable.

Finally, what are Coley’s realistic expectations for the 2012 season?

Folks, simply put there is not a more interesting, yet polarizing team entering 2012 than Florida State. Some, like Phil Steele have picked them to win the National Championship, while others simply see them as a team that will disappoint again. So where will they land? Listen to Coley’s insight to find out.

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Regardless, I want to quickly thank Coley again for joining the show, and thank you for taking the time to listen.

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