College Football Podcast: Previewing two SEC showdowns and West Virginia’s trip to Texas

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Since the college football schedule was announced many months ago, several looked to Week 6 as one of the defining ones of the season. Several key games dot the schedule, including two SEC showdowns which could eventually determine not only this conference, but also the National Championship race as well, in addition to West Virginia’s first road trip in the Big XII.

  And on Wednesday we had a couple of our favorite guests on the show to break all the big games down, Bleacher Report SEC writer Barrett Sallee to break down Georgia-South Carolina and Florida-LSU, as well as West Virginia beat writer Mike Casazza of the Charleston Daily Mail to talk about the Mountaineers road trip to Austin.

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It was a fun-filled, action-packed show, starting with Barrett, who discussed the following topics with me:

– How the SEC continues to re-invent itself every year. Two years ago the league was about the dominance of the SEC West, last year the emergence of Alabama and LSU, and now this year the East. Speaking of which, has the East now surpassed the West as the best division in college football?

– Staying with the Georgia-South Carolina game, what happened with Georgia’s defense last week against Tennessee? Also, South Carolina’s offense is different than last year, yes. But is it possible that “different” could mean better?

– Moving over to the “other” game in the SEC this weekend, is Florida the biggest surprise in college football? Also, although LSU is 5-0, something hasn’t looked right. What does Barrett equate that to?

– Finally, Barrett makes his picks on these two games.

Moving over to the Big XII, we welcomed back veteran West Virginia beat writer Mike Casazza onto the show, who had previously been on to discuss his book “Waiting for the Fall.” On Tuesday he was back to discuss the following subjects:


– How much fun has it been to cover Geno Smith on a day-to-day basis? Also, is it possible that despite the stats he’s putting up, Smith might actually be a little bit underrated at this point in the season?


– How Smith’s off the field pursuits in the arts help Smith be a better quarterback. Also, why even in success, Smith continues to be the hardest worker on this Mountaineers team.

– Can West Virginia’s defense hold up for four quarters against a much-improved Texas passing attack? Also, were the Longhorns struggles against Oklahoma State last week a positive or negative for West Virginia as it pertains to this game?

– Finally, Mike shares a couple key matchups in this game.

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