College Football Podcast: Charley West of Breaks Down All The Craziness At West Virginia

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In a college football offseason filled with controversy, confusion and uncertainty, it is the West Virginia Mountaineers who’ve most recently taken the title of “Program in Turmoil,” with coach Bill Stewart and his soon-to-be replacement Dana Holgorsen bickering like a pair of teenage girls. Most recently rumors have swirled that Stewart even asked West Virginia reporters to dig up dirt on Holgorsen, who came to Morgantown to be the “Coach in Waiting,” and replace Stewart at the start of the 2012 season.

With so much going on with the Mountaineers program, Charley West- who runs the excellent West Virginia site Smoking Musket– stopped by the podcast Wednesday to sort everything out, and give listeners an inside look within the West Virginia program.

Amongst the topics that he and I touched on:

– The messy “Coach in Waiting” transition, in which Athletics Director Oliver Luck decided to remove Stewart, before even finding his replacement.

– The divide on the West Virginia coaching staff between the offensive guys that Holgorsen brought with him to Morgantown, and the incumbent defensive staff.

– All of the controversy surrounding the rumors that it was Stewart who leaked reports to various beat writers, and how Charley has been able to sift through some of the fact from rumor/

– The impressive way with which, on the field Holgorsen seamlessly installed his offense in Morgantown over spring practice, and why there’s reason to believe West Virginia will be successful when the games actually kick off.

– Why it seems like for all intents and purposes, Bill Stewart will not be coaching in the fall, and whether Holgorsen will actually be ready to be a head coach within months.

– Is there real concern that Holgorsen’s alcohol-fueled tirade at a West Virginia casino is the sign of a substance abuse problem, or just a guy letting off steam?

– What are realistic expectations for West Virginia this season, regardless of who is the head coach?

Like the rest of college football, it’s been an incredible few weeks in Morgantown, as fans and reporters alike have had sift through fact and fiction, fantasy and reality. Thankfully Charley West was nice enough to break down what’s really going on in Morgantown, and just as importantly, what’s expected to come.

Thanks again to Charley, and remember, for updates on all things West Virginia football, please stay tuned to Smoking Musket. And remember too, if you’re not able to listen to the podcast now, it is available in iTunes for later listening. And always comments or e-mails are always welcome.

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