College Football Podcast: CBS’ Bryan Fischer Chats Gunner Kiel And Top 2012 Story Lines

You know how they say, “It’s better to be lucky than good?” Well, there has never been a truer case of that motto coming to life than the latest edition of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast.

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That’s because for a few weeks now I’ve been trying to get Bryan Fischer of CBS Sports to come on and talk some recruiting stuff as well as early 2012 story lines. And after finally tracking Bryan down to do the interview late last week, news struck late Monday that was right up his alley. The news? Just that the No. 1 high school quarterback in the country Gunner Kiel had de-committed from LSU, and was headed to Notre Dame. You’ve probably heard about it by now, but still Bryan brought some unique insight to that subject, as well as others, including discussion on:

– How much of a role Kiel’s parents may have made in his decision, and why parents are more important in the recruiting process than the casual fan might think.

– How Kiel fits into what Brian Kelly is doing at Notre Dame, why Kiel is a better fit for the Irish than LSU, and why Tommy Rees and Andrew Hendrix should be worried.

Heading onto the national college football front, Bryan and I also discussed:

– The hype around USC entering the off-season, and why Bryan believes this is the most excited ‘SC fans have been in 4-5 years. Additionally, is the hype fair? Beyond Matt Barkley, does USC have the talent to match expectations?

– Heading across town, why there is also excitement around the UCLA football program. Jim L. Mora is in, and is recruiting well. But will that necessarily equate to wins?

– Looking across the country, why Bryan is most intrigued by the evolving situation in the Midwest. Who will gain supremacy between Brady Hoke at Michigan, Urban Meyer at Ohio State and Brian Kelly at Notre Dame?

– What to expect from year one of the Bill O’Brien era at Penn State. Why Bryan wonders about the hire, and why I think it’s a great fit.

– Plus, Bryan shares some insight into his new “Free Bruce” Podcast, and much more!

Folks, I cannot emphasize enough: If you want insight into the Kiel situation that you simply can’t find anywhere else, Bryan Fischer is your man. Few are as well-connected in college football circles, and few have more knowledge and insight than he does.

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And finally, as I mentioned on the podcast, I have released my first book, titled ‘The Unlikeliest Champion’ about the UConn Huskies and their run to the 2011 college basketball National Championship. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle, and for further information, please visit or check us out on Facebook!

Until next time…

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