E-sport Arena Set to Open in Las Vegas


E-sport has many followers that are compared to those of online gambling. Millennial E-sport is a Toronto-based company under the leadership of Alex Igelman. Igelman has full knowledge of Led Vegas; he worked there as a debt collector before starting e-sport business. It is this knowledge that prompted him to settle on Las Vegas as the best venue for video game tournaments.

The arena, which is in Las Vegas’ Neonopolis, has all the facilities that are needed for the tournament. Space is enough to accommodate roughly 1200 spectators fully. The winning team in the coming tournament will go home with $15,000, and they will get a direct ticket to participate in the finals of Halo World Championship that will take place in Burbank California.

Las Vegas Facilities

The facility in Neonopolis is just fantastic; the amenities that are needed for the tournament are already in place at the venue. The arena is partitioned into four parts with the VIP being the most prestigious one. The building has the latest technology in place with CAT cables ports, Audio system, modern theater lighting system, and a LED video wall. There is also a merchandise corner where fans can buy game related items that are tough to get.

The surrounding is rich in everything that you may need to make you comfortable. Hotels and entertainment places are just within reach.

Igelman considers Las Vegas home, and he is working on a plan to have a beehive of activities in the arena throughout the year. His dreams are possible bearing in mind that e-sport market is growing at a very high rate. Twitch streaming has made video gaming take a turn to work independently. Gamers can now do a live stream of their games and at the same time watch the competition of other players.

Millennial e-sport is a multi-million industry; its value is over $11 million going by Bloomberg data. One would wonder why the arena only accommodates small number. Many viewers have opted to view the games online as opposed to going into the arena.

The Real Value of E-sport

Brett Abarbanel, International Gaming Institute director, compares e-sport to online gambling considering the rate at which it is rising and gaining popularity. It is estimated that the market value of e-sport will read a billion plus by 2020.

Millennial E-sport is expected to release an app that will give players an excellent experience. They will be able to register for games on it and also to know what the schedule is.

Las Vegas is expected to record a high number of newcomers in the game; it has lots of fans who are in the target group of 19 to 25 years who actively participate in e-sport. The availability of the demands of the game as well as entertainments will keep players focused on the game. The Millennial E-sport market recorded high growth rate in Europe and Asia then started to expand in North America gradually.

One the major threat to the e-sport’s growth is betting. Betting may give way to scammers to cheat on innocent fans hence compromising the integrity of e-sport. Abarbanel, however, said that they are working so hard to ensure that nobody is robbed.

The Gaming Arena

Participants have every reason to enjoy the game and put their spirit high. The movie theater has a warm-up area with long tables. The stage has eight player stations equipped with all the necessary apparatus to make a player comfortable.

Igelman has a plan to make this facility available for video gaming or to other people who would want the use high-speed internet at an affordable rate. It is going to be a cool place to those who like YouTube and downloading of large files.

The experience in the theater is no less the same as watching NFL game or any other game. There are also heroes in e-sport, Tom Taylor is one of the players who starting e-sport professional gaming at 14 years and went up the ladder rapidly. Taylor won the Str8 and Halo World Championship in 2008. Taylor who is 29 years old retired in 2011.

Final Thought

You can expect the best in the coming tournaments; the preparations that are in place are enough to make you sit back and wait for the good things from Millennial E-sport in Las Vegas. The next big move is Halo World Championship finals that will be held in Burbank California where the participants will have the opportunity to get a portion of $1 million prize value.